Jason Simpson Arizona: Musician and Songwriter

Jason Simpson ArizonaJason Simpson AZ is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who has received critical acclaim as part of the band Satisfaction Guaranteed. The band has earned a devoted following of fans that crave the group’s blend of pop-punk instrumentals, soulful vocals, and relatable lyrics.

The band formed as part of a class project in a high school music theory workshop. Graduating seniors Jason and drummer Alex Emmonds were in the class together. Both men were not fans of lengthy written tests. As the class came to a close, the teacher gave the students an option of taking a final exam or performing an original composition. Jason and Alex recruited classmates Landon Scott (a bass guitarist) and Richie Wyatt (a keyboard player) to join the effort to opt out of the test.

Jason penned most of the lyrics, with Alex chipping in. The foursome got together for the creation of the song’s melody.  Rehearsals included long jam sessions, plenty of time for solos, and the occasional video game break.

The performance of a song called, “I Want, You Want” earned the boys an A in the class, but it didn’t stop there. Jason, Alex, Richie, and Landon decided to keep playing together long after diplomas were collected and tassels were turned. With the guys all attending college near each other, they met on nights and weekends for practices and writing sessions. They became frequent performers at local bars, clubs, and open mic nights.  Friends began to ask them to play house parties, birthday parties, and other events.

Soon, a sound that was uniquely theirs developed. It was part Foo Fighters, part Blink 182, with a mix of something you just couldn’t quite put your finger on. As they wrote more songs, they realized they needed a name. They were gathered in Jason’s dorm room one night when a late-night TV infomercial served as inspiration. Thus, Satisfaction Guaranteed was officially born.

The band caught the attention of one of Landon’s music industry professors, who offered them time in his state-of-the-art home recording studio. They jumped at the opportunity. They had several tracks ready to go, so they entered the studio. After a full weekend’s worth of work at Professor Don McKillop (or “Mac” as the group affectionately calls him)’s studio, they emerged with an EP titled “If You Only Knew.”

The EP contained the song from high school music class that started it all, “I Want, You Want,” as well as several others the band had written more recently. With a little guerilla marketing and some help from Mac and the guys’ friends, the EP gained popularity on area college campuses.

Soon they were playing club and bar performances nearly every weekend. Jason Simpson of Arizona couldn’t believe that what began as a way to avoid a high school final had turned into something like this.

As they continued to perform at spots around Arizona, the foursome also started to write material for a full-length album. When the writing process was complete, they returned to Mac’s studio where they had recorded their original EP. The finished product was their debut album Smoke and Mirrors. 

Jason Simpson of Arizona says the album was hugely popular among fans of the original EP, but it also extended its reach to people who hadn’t heard of the band before. This was due in part to the group leaving copies at local record stores, bars, and restaurants for listening. It was also partly because of an online release, which allowed for even easier and more widespread distribution. Soon the crowd at the band’s shows grew from strictly family and friends to a solid stream of other faces.  After months of regular gigs and solid turnout, the band began to book bigger club and bar appearances. They even received an invitation to play an area festival.

The foursome eventually joined forces with another local group, and together they embarked on a small, multi-city tour throughout parts of Arizona. The tour helped increase exposure and raise the band’s profile on a more regional level.

Upon returning from the tour, the guys wasted no time getting ready to record a follow-up album. Nights and weekends were spent together, writing and rewriting. Finally, they hit the studio and got to work on their sophomore effort.

Jason Simpson Arizona: Achieving Musical Success

Jason Simpson AZ and the band once again put heavy marketing efforts into the new album. They put fliers up around town, distributed copies to area music shops, used various forms of social media, and relied on word of mouth from their current fan base.

The group was shocked and pleased by the glowing reviews that Satisfaction Guaranteed’s second album, “Run It Down” got in the local music scene. The size of the crowd at shows quickly grew, eventually doubling and tripling. Soon people who had heard his music and had seen the band live were stopping Jason in his small hometown.

The album even caught the eye of local concert promoters, who started to regularly book Satisfaction Guaranteed at bigger festivals and events. They even kicked off a Fourth of July Parade as they played on a moving float. After several memorable, high-energy performances at festivals and popular bars, Satisfaction Guaranteed was packing in fans at shows. When they played, a crowd followed.

This newfound popularity led them to do two extremely successful tours up and down the West Coast. Plans for a third album are in the works.  Says lead singer and guitarist Jason, “Sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself because I still can’t believe that this is happening. When we go play a show and I see people in the crowd singing lyrics that I wrote, that’s unreal.  Alex and I started this band because we were lazy high school seniors who didn’t want to take a test. It’s turned into something amazing, and something that each of our lives revolves around.”

When asked about future plans Jason says, “Our tours couldn’t have gone better. We were playing for people in California, Colorado, everything. We played a show at our high school, and the place was packed. It was amazing. Now we’re getting ready for a third album. We’re just keeping busy and keeping in touch with people who listen to and love our music.”

Jason Simpson Arizona is an accomplished guitarist, singer and songwriter who plays pop/punk music. Jason Simpson AZ helped start the band Satisfaction Guaranteed when he was a senior in high school. The band has developed a local and regional following. Jason Simpson Arizona and his band have released two albums and an EP and are working on a third; this is in addition to constant touring and a rigorous performance schedule.

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